Stacie and Mitchell met at Groupon, where he was temping and she worked the front desk. It was his last week there and he had some candy at the front desk waiting for him - left untouched for weeks. She messaged him about coming up to grab it and their dialogue just took off from there. To think he almost left the company without ever saying a word to her! That silly candy brought them together. I love hearing how people meet and fall in love. Each story is so unique to them and these two are really sweet together. There is a tenderness and quiet respect for each other that is certainly admirable.

They both live in Chicago and wanted to showcase their love for the city, so Jon and I took a road trip to meet them! We traveled by train and stopped at a few of their favorite spots along the way. We ended at the lake for a few shots of that beautiful skyline. It was cold and windy, but they never uttered a single complaint. (And yes! The water was really that shade of blue!) Afterwards, they treated us to dinner at their favorite pub in her Lincoln Square/Ravenswood neighborhood. How sweet are they?!

It was a beautiful Saturday together and I can't wait for their August wedding at Anodyne