I had the honor of photographing Elyce's maternity session last summer. She was STUNNING. See for yourself here! So when she called me to capture her sweet baby girl's six month photos, I jumped at the chance! 

Meet Rosalie Juhl. Not only is she beautiful (wait until you see her lashes!), but she is one of the happiest babies I've ever photographed! She smiled through the entire session, even after skipping her morning nap. And watching Elyce and Andy interact with her was so heartwarming. They are doting new parents, in awe of each new move she makes. I remember being excited that same way with our girls. Those little milestones are the BEST! Spending time with Rosalie almost made me want another and I was in heaven capturing every sweet detail of her beautiful nursery. You can tell that Elyce really thought about each piece she added to the room and tied it together so brilliantly. 

One very important aspect of motherhood for Elyce is nursing. She describes it as the most intense, pure, beautiful, calming, precious bond she has ever felt. It's a relationship that is solely their own, knowing only she can provide that nourishment and comfort for her daughter. She asked if I would capture that special time between the two of them and I'm so glad we did! It was a beautiful afternoon spent with this sweet family!