It's hard to believe that I've known Mia's mom since kindergarten! We grew up together, played softball together, and she even stood up in my wedding in 2005. Now we are married and growing our families. It's true what they say about blinking. I'm always telling my kids to stop growing! I wish they could stay little forever.  

I got to hang out with Miss Mia and her big sister Ava last week, and we had so much fun together. Ava has such an outgoing personality and she's a smart little cookie too!  I loved watching her run up and down the halls and kiss her little sister in between shots. And Mia was a gem, either sleeping or laying there quietly with her eyes open. She's been so good to her mama too... eating and sleeping like a champ!  There's something so special about girls. Maybe it's because I have two of my own that I feel so connected to them? Either way, it was so great spending time with them. 

I feel so fortunate to have taken photos for Ava when she was born, and now Mia too. I love this sweet family and I look forward to capturing them each year! 

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