Kelly and Ben met in dental school at Marquette. He thought she was stunning from the moment he saw her, but it took him a bit to gain the courage to ask her out for the first time. After their first few dates, they both knew this was something longterm. He proposed to her a year later when they were out on a run with a big group of friends/family. Through tears, without hesitation, she said yes! 

I first met Kelly and Ben at a coffee shop last December and I fell in love with them immediately! I could tell right away that they had a deep love and mutual respect for each other and that was even more evident during their shoot a couple weeks ago. They are so loving, affectionate, and mindful of one another. I absolutely LOVED watching them gush over each other the entire time. They made my job so easy! And when they said they were bringing her grandmother's old tandem bike, I was pumped. I love these two and I can't wait for their wedding next May at The Wisconsin Club!