This is my beautiful cousin, Kaitlyn. She's going to be 18 next month and I can't even figure out how that happened. Although we are miles apart, I've always felt close to her and her family. Time passes so quickly without seeing each other, but we never miss a beat when we're together. 

Not only is this girl beautiful on the outside, her insides are even prettier. Her and her younger sister, Taylor, (pictured below in a few of these), always put family first. While most teenagers are off with their friends all day everyday, these two would rather hang back with their family. They know what's important in life and I love that! 

Aside from their huge hearts, they are both amazing student athletes. University of Central Florida has had their eye on Kaitlyn for years and is looking at Taylor now too. Kaitlyn will be attending UCF next fall with a full scholarship for softball. She is a leader, both on and off the field, and everyone looks up to her. Her grades are also top notch, which is no easy feat when you are in multiple sports throughout the year. I don't think there's anything this girl can't do! 

I'm proud of her and Taylor both and I can't wait to see what's in store for these two beauties! They have the world at their feet and they're two of the most humble girls I know.

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