These two cuties started dating in high school. Kaitlin was a junior and Jordan was a senior. She was shy and thought he'd never even notice her. But she soon found out that he was shy too! They texted constantly back and forth for two weeks before anyone even knew they were talking! From the moment they started dating, their hopes and dreams for a future together aligned perfectly. They remind me very much of Jon and I when we first met! We started dating when I was a junior and Jon was just out of high school. We were young, but wanted the same things for our future together. This year we'll be married 12 years (you're figuring out how old I am, aren't you?) and I can't imagine any other partner in life. We make a really great team, and I see that in Kaitlin and Jordan too. Not only did they attend separate colleges, they were each other's biggest cheerleaders while they both pursued their bachelor's degrees. Now they've just purchased their first home and they're remodeling it together! Jon and I just finished renovating our home and I said if they can get through that, they can get through ANYTHING together!! 

We had so much fun at their engagement session. I can tell there is a mutual respect for each other and that is so important in a relationship. They put one another first in everything they do and I love that! Kaitlin said she couldn't just pick ONE thing she loves most about Jordan. He is generous, sweet, and kind to everyone he meets. He is such a gentleman, still opening up car doors for her and making sure he's on the street side of the sidewalk whenever they are walking together. Chivalry is not dead, ladies! 

I'm so excited for their wedding this July! It's going to be a beautiful day. But more than anything, I know their marriage will be even MORE beautiful.