I absolutely fell in love with these two while we were walking around downtown Milwaukee a couple weeks ago. I met them back in December after I received an email from Emily saying that she wanted me to photograph her wedding this October. She knew she wanted me for the job and basically booked me before even meeting! I love that she had such faith in me and my work. As we sat there and chatted at the coffee shop that night, she told me that they don't really have professional photos together and seemed worried about posing in front of the camera. (Couples, this is a totally normal feeling!)

Fast forward to their shoot two weeks ago. They were SO GREAT in front of the camera and such a joy to be around! Both relaxed and just focused on each other, they made my job easy. We started off at Turner Hall, a spot they go to often for various concerts, and then finished the session on top of a parking garage by the old Pabst Brewery. I left there really excited for their wedding this October! 

I love these two and their sweet chemistry together. Here are a few shots from our stroll through downtown Milwaukee that evening...