How Brittany met Alex:

“It all started with a right swipe and the extremely odd coincidence that his dad was my neighbor.“ (Literally separated by a wall in her apartment complex.)

Ok, what are the chances that the new guy in your life’s DAD is your neighbor? Crazy! Their first date was a playoff Packer game party and the rest was history! Did I tell you how he proposed? Only on a beautiful beach in St. Lucia. LIKE, WHAT. Such a romantic!

Brittany and Alex are sweet and goofy together and they LOVE being outdoors. Camping, fires, you name it! I told her she’s the perfect girl! She can slap on some makeup and a cute dress like the rest of them, but would sleep outside any day of the week. Dream girl. She’s also a talented photographer too! Check out her work here!

We hung out in Lion’s Den a couple weeks ago and ended on the beach just after sunset. The three of us risked our lives to walk across a little log in the water (ok, maybe not our lives but for sure my gear!), to get to that beach. And Alex was the perfect gentlemen helping us get to the other side. We walked back as it got dark out and I enjoyed every second together. They are so easygoing and FUN to be with and I can’t wait for their September wedding at a new local venue, The Carriage House, in Oconomowoc!