Sarah and I go way back. To 1998 to be exact! We met in middle school, played volleyball in high school together, and even hung out after we both graduated. We didn't see each other often because of our busy schedules, but we had one of those friendships where we could pick up where we left off very easily. And we still do! So when she contacted me to do her wedding, I was truly honored. 

Sarah and Rod met through their kickball league many years ago and were friends for a long time after that. It wasn't until about five years ago when they both were single again that he started pursuing her. And he will still admit to this day that he wanted her the moment he saw her. (Isn't he the sweetest?!) They had their first date golfing together for his birthday and the rest was history! 

These two beauties knew exactly what they wanted for their big day. No frills. No stress. In fact, to take stress off of the wedding day itself, they did all of their portraits the day before! Yes, they got ready TWICE, but it was so worth it to her. Sarah said she never felt rushed and it was a lot of time together alone that she might not have had otherwise. Doing portraits the day before enabled them both to go right from the ceremony to enjoying the night with their guests. Kind of like a 'first look' would do on a wedding day! And since they're both from Milwaukee (but currently living in Atlanta), they wanted to make sure they were able to spend every second with their friends and family. They kept it small and intimate the day of, allowing them ample time with each guest. When it was time to sit down for dinner, she told me to put my camera away for the night. Jon was my guest and she wanted to make sure we enjoyed our time together just as much as they did. It was the sweetest gesture to me. Onesto provided a wonderful spread and the speeches were top notch. At one point, Rod stood up and gave the most heartfelt speech I had ever heard a groom give. He looked into Sarah's parent's eyes and said that he would ALWAYS take care of her and treat her well. He thanked them for raising such a beautiful woman and promised they had nothing to worry about. It was such a tender moment in their lovely day. Something I will never forget. 

I couldn't be happier for these two and I'm excited to see what their beautiful marriage will bring them! They work well together as a team and I know they'll be laughing together forever. 

All the pretty details...

Photographer: Mo Schultz Photography

Sarah's dress: Anthropologie

His suit: Men's Wearhouse

Girls' dresses: Anthropologie

Flowers: Feisty Flowers

Cake/cupcakes: Classy Girl Cupcakes

Invites: Etsy

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Onesto