Meet Lauren and Mike! They are the proud owners of Wisconsin Orthopedic Physical Therapy. I got to know them well while I was rehabbing a shoulder injury last year, and they are really some of the best people around. Not only do they run a wonderful practice, they are warm, friendly, and welcoming! I enjoyed Dr. Mike's sense of humor and always loved chatting with Lauren before and after PT. So I was honored when they asked me to take photos for them! 

Of course every pregnancy is exciting to photograph, but this one was a little sweeter than the rest. Lauren and Mike had struggled with infertility for four years. There were countless trips to the doctor, infertility meds, and thousands of dollars in medical bills. They were heartbroken every time a procedure didn't work. After trying everything, they decided to focus on their health and let it happen in God's time. Of course He didn't disappoint! Rather than struggling alone, they have decided to share their story with others, in hopes of helping other couples through the same trials they endured. I just couldn't be happier for these two. 

Thank you to the owners of Custom Grown Greenhouses for opening their doors to us and giving us a warm, beautiful place to shoot when it was cold last month. All the greenery and lush flowers have me excited for spring!