I've known Pam since we were very young. We went to the same babysitter growing up, and also to the same schools. We played softball together, hung out after school at each other's houses, and she even stood up in my wedding! When she was in college, she focused on her studies while I focused on starting my family. Our lives took us in different directions, but our friendship was one of those that can always pick up where it left off. She is and will always be very special to me and I couldn't be happier for her and Paul!

I remember when they first started dating. He was basically flawless and their personalities matched perfectly for each other. It's been fun watching them grow together through dating and then marriage. They're both so laid back and easy going. They never argue. I know they have something special together and I can't wait to see them start their journey as parents now too! They are going to be the sweetest mommy and daddy to that little girl. I cannot WAIT to meet her.