When I first met Ashley and CJ at their engagement shoot last March, the thing that stuck out the most for me was how kind they were. They were warm and welcoming and up for anything! It was a cold, snowy (wet) day, but they never complained once. The same was true of their sweet winter wedding. It was pretty cold out, but nothing they couldn't handle. They wanted a small, intimate wedding on her parent's property and it could not have been more perfect. 

Ashley's parents got ordained so they could perform the ceremony for them. They wrote out everything themselves and surprised the bride and groom the day of! They talked about how Ashley faced the hardest time in her life and how she found love again with CJ. They took us through their love story with a beautiful timeline of events that showed us how selfless and loving CJ is and how sweet and equally as caring Ashley was too. I cried so much it was honestly hard to focus on getting the shot. It was real, it was deep, and I was just so honored to be there to capture it all. It's weddings like these that really make my job so fulfilling. 

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